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Right Horse & Right Coach

Marjorie E King

WOW! Cindy! I can't thank you enough for finding the Perfect horse for me!!!! You somehow figured out EXACTLY what I needed and QUICKLY found her. Everything happened with incredible speed and smoothness. What a pleasure to do business with you!!!!!! After two years of thrashing around, I am finally making REAL progress! Having participated and succeeded in high level sports I understand the critical importance of having the RIGHT HORSE AND the RIGHT TEACHER!!!! You are the reason that I am improving.....your coaching is making it all possible. THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marjorie E. King5x Captain US Womens Tour de France team, Stage winner Womens Tour de France, 21 time US Masters National champion, World Cup Champion, 24hr  tandem distance record holder FNP-C


WPRA Turquoise Circuit Finalist & Pro Barrel Racer 

Kendra & Impress Me Charlize a.k.a. "Reba" from Bosque Farms, NM

As much as I have enjoyed doing business with Cindy and Josh Lugo, knowing them on a personal level has been even more rewarding. They have always been very honest and professional. Their integrity and knowledge has made it very easy to do business with them.

Impress Me Charlize, AKA...' Reba ' is a 5yr old mare I got from Cindy and Josh, she has been a blessing from the beginning. When I started working with Reba I was Impressed with the solid foundation work Cindy had put on this mare. Because of the great start Reba had, it made my job as a trainer easier. She has come along way quickly and willingly. Reba is a very talented horse, so keep your eye out for her in the future!

~Kendra Moore

Riley & Belles A Whizzn

Cindy and Anne-Marie

We can't Thank You enough for our great experience in purchasing a horse from you all.  From the first email message to the last phone call we can't say enough about your honesty, loyalty and 

friendship. It all started in trying to find a horse for our 8 yr old daughter.  I contacted Cindy and let her know what I was looking for and from the start she was honest and convincing that we would find 

something competitive.  A month later we were driving to Big Spring, TX.  We met up with the Lugo family, looked at our prospect and said good night.  The next morning we met up early and got the total 

introduction to Belle.  From the start everything Cindy described over the phone was exactly what we saw from Belle.  Our little girl rode Belle for a couple of hours and before we knew she was making the best barrel runs we have ever seen.  The smile and excitement ran thru us all!  Cindy sent us home with a 4-6 week schedule for our little girl and Belle to get to know each other and she plans on meeting us at an 

event to make sure our cowgirl is set for success.  We look forward to our little cowgirl and Belle's future together.  And even better we look forward to Belle teaching our now 2 yr old daughter to also run barrels whenever she is ready.  Thank You Cindy for everything you have done for our family.  We look forward to years of friendship and without a doubt whenever we are ready to purchase another barrel/pole 

horse, Cindy will be the first person we contact.  We would be glad to provide a reference to whoever has questions about our experience (contact Cindy for our info).  

Jasper Our Stll Creek Angel

When you have a horse as special as Jasper, you really want to make sure he goes to a special home. As with our most precious horses, I always pray about whomever ends up buying him- that he would be exactly what they were looking for & that he would be treated well & that they would appreciate him & love him like our family has. I can't tell you how relieved I was to have met the Riccitelli's of Still Creek Ranch. I was also blessed to learn about the Ranch & about how they are involved with such a wonderful program! To learn more about how you can be involved or to DONATE to the ranch please visit their site & learn more!

Hi Cindy,

Just wanted to touch bases with you and to ASSURE you that we LOVE!!! Jasper. What an awesome guy! Just perfect for our needs. And yes, Annalise and him are going to be a great team. They love each other and are doing really great. All the kids have had to ride him of course, they always have to try out the new horse, and he has been great with everyone. I haven't forgotten about a picture for you and will get that taken ASAP. Thank you again for providing us an angel dressed in horseflesh.



Trevor & Milky

Milky & Josie

"Way to go little cowboy! I am so proud of you! Pretty awesome you've won 2 buckles on Milky in less than 6 months of having him!" -Cindy


I just wanted to let you know how much it meant to us that you were able to match Trevor up with not one but two great horses. We have really enjoyed Milky and Josie. When we set out to find a horse for Trevor after losing Flo Jo 3 ½ weeks after buying her, we really didn’t think we would be able to replace her, nor were we ready to go on the hunt again. We really got lucky when we found her. After several weekends and thousands of miles of looking for another horse for Trev we found ourselves trying horses that were still for sale when we were looking 4 weeks ago. When Matt told me about you, I have to admit I was a little skeptical. I guess what I couldn’t figure out was “Why is this lady trying so hard to help us find a horse”. I remember the countless phone calls and emails we received from you. When we finally made it to your area Milky was the first horse we tried and I cannot tell you how much stress and pressure was relieved when Trevor first rode him. Just to see a smile on his face again was such a blessing to us and we knew from that moment that you had set us up with a great horse that would fit our 5 year old son. I don’t think Matt and I thought we’d be buying two really good horses. When you showed us Josie, she seemed to fit all the criteria as well. She was just the right size and Trevor seemed pretty comfortable on her. After her foot checked out and we got her home we have fallen in love with her even more. She has such a sweet spirit about her but is all business in the arena. I wish we would have saved ourselves thousands of miles of driving and come straight to you. You really showed us some nice horses and more importantly we got to see a lot of horses in one weekend that fit our specific requirements. We will definitely recommend you to our friends who are interested in horses in our area. You have been a true blessing in our life and we are so great full for all your effort in finding these horses for us. It is very evident that you love your job and that you are very straight forward about what you think will work or not work for a particular child. Thanks again for everything.

Matt, Jassy, Trevor, and Avery Crainer


Thank you so much for helping us sell Milky. You made it very simple and Milky looks like he went to a great home. I would definently recommend you to other people. Thanks again!!

Stefanie Logan




Thank you so much for your help with finding a beginner horse for our 3 children. We had been looking seriously for over a year and even bought and resold a horse that wasn't right for the kids. Looking for a horse can be extremely trying! When we contacted you in early July, you promptly responded with several options. We are extremely cautious when buying anything. You made sure to send as many pictures and videos that we needed to help make our decision. You also helped coordinate the vet check and showing us the horse when we were ready to purchase. Two weeks after our 1st email to you, the kids have their new horse, Mater. Mater is a big sweetheart! You really put safety first when matching us up with a beginner horse. We think Mater will definitely teach our kids many things, but most importantly to love horses. We will keep you posted on their progress with Mater. Thanks again for everything.

Michael & Elaine Bohnert

Boerne, TX

(Samuel, Luke & Lilah)

Several years ago I placed an ad to sell a kid horse, within 3 hours of placing that ad Cindy was picking up my horse because she had home for her to go to. About 2 weeks ago I had mentioned that I may be interested in selling my daughters roping horse. Within a day or so Cindy was calling me and asking me information about the horse and asking for videos and Pictures. She was On top of the situation. Cindy has been a great pleasure to work with and is worth every penny of the commission she earns. Anytime that I need to sell a horse she will be the absolute 1st person that I will call. Thank you Cindy for taking so much time to make sure that you found the perfect home for our “Mater” to go to. He was a good ole boy for my daughter and she loved him very very much, and you made her feel comfortable with this very hard decision. Thank you so much!

R. Geers, Odessa, TX

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Cindy, I just want to thank you so much for the little mare Miss Sonita Rita. She has such a sweet disposition. I am goin to keep her a secret for my daughters birthday which is a month away. And it's goin to kill me to keep a secret.She will be perfect for her!!! Thank you again and I will send more pics and keep you posted!!!

Georgia Cryer

I can't thank you enough for this little mare!!! These kind of horses are so hard to find and we would not trade her for the world!!! Thanks Cindy and God Bless!!!:)

Dashin Rose

Congratulations to Miranda Berlin on her purchase of Dashin Rose! You're going to be amazing with her! Please send updates on your many upcoming successess with her! Thanks & Much appreciation goes to Kendra Moore,Bosque Farms, NM - wow! What an outstanding job of training! I am continually impressed!

UPDATE:  Shortround aka Dashin Rose is back with Kendra… and doing great!  So happy for ya'll to be reunited! 

Pistol Pete

Congratulations Estevan! So proud of you & I know you'll do great with him! Keep me posted on how you do in your AJRA rodeos! - Cindy

"Dear Cindy, I wanted to say how much I appreciate you helping us sell our awesome horse Pete. We had outgrown him and he needed to teach another child how to win. You had two people interested in less than 12 hours and sold him the next day after I contacted you. It was a quick easy transition which made letting him go easier. We will miss our great Pete, but feel he is in great hands .I want to wish Estevan good luck with Pete and may he teach him everything he taught our daughter. Thanks for all your hard work."

The Christians Amarillo, TX

American Sky

American Sky

HI again Cindy, I just wanted to thank you for helping us find our "perfect match" barrel horse. Your professionalism and attention to our needs made this an exciting and "stress-free" purchase. Katy is very excited and will begin her first lesson this week! Thank you for helping us and we look forward to doing business with you again in the near future. Sincerely, Linda Congratulations Katy Kirk on your purchase of AMERICAN SKY - Also much thanks to Karen LaCaze for your help coordinating everything & to Sheridan Cummings - such a well trained & excellent horse - a pleasure to match him with a great family.


Hi Cindy, I just want to thank you so much for helping me find the right horse for me. After  finding out that the horse i was wanting was sold, you helped me right away on finding me another one. The way you kept in touch with me and the way you helped me meant alot to me. Some people would not go that far. You made me feel like i was apart of the family. I saw that ya are very talented at what ya do and very nice and helpful. Lugo ranch is awsome. 

My name is Gabriel Galvan and I'm from Sweetwater TX. I just recently purchased a filly named Milly. She is a great horse. I would recommend Cindy and the Lugo Ranch to anyone. Great family, and VERY helpful. Thanks again Cindy, y'all are awesome.


Hi Cindy,


Just wanted to drop you an email to let you know how Rocket is doing!  Jordan absolutely loves him!  He's such a perfect gentleman!!!  They are doing awesome together and already have competed in a playday which proved to be a huge success!   The whole sale process was super smooth, and we appreciate your help! At the rate Jordan has already progressed, we will be looking for a step up horse soon!  We will definitely consider you again!


Thanks again,

The Sharp Family

Justin, Jennifer, & Jordan

Continued Success...

Howie & Susie Q

Howie and Susie Q

I would like to share what a great experience our family had when we sold Howie (BlackBeard) and Susie Q (Now known as Strut at her new home at Schiller Ranch) through the Lugo Ranch! Cindy was professional and made the entire process very simple. I would highly recommend Lugo Ranch to help you sell or purchase your next horse! Thank you so much for all your help! 

Jaye- Lynne Wright

WOW! Way to go Blackbeard - Who knew the new kid horse could outrun everyone at the whole barrel race!

Congratulations! Kristi Schiller & Sinclair  on your 2 new WINNNERS! Can't wait to see you compete on these 2! - Cindy


Felipe Flores of Odessa, TX

Congratulations Felipe Flores of Odessa, TX on his purchases of MR HIGH SHOOTER, KATIE PLAIN N TALL (TB) & her bay colt "TARZAN" by STREAKIN OLENE, TELL MISS CASTEON, and WILD PRIZE. We wish you much success with the race prospects & with the broodmare! It was a pleasure doing business with you! We are really looking forward to seeing what Tarzan will do for you.

Nancy Johnson of Virginia

Congratulations to Nancy & Danny Johnson on their purchase of Perfect N Royal. We were so honored that you wanted us to find you your next best friend - again :-) Keep in touch & let us know how she does as a Foxhunter!! We wish you much success & appreciate ya'll very much. Check out Nancy's wonderful winery & orchard



Hi Cindy, We took the horses trail riding West of Pecos this past weekend. It's hard to believe we have had him over a year now. He is still wonderful as ever, we couldn't ask for a better horse for Kameron!

Kristy Chandler

Greyson Kelly

Thanks Mumzy & Papa Se for my pony Dizzy - She‘s an adorable little monster! (Greyson is our grandson!)

Sciba Family


Congratulations to Bill & Sandy Sciba, Victoria, TX - Bill commented the day after they picked up with "My son had his kids on Oreo tonight & he was very impressed." So glad to hear that Bill & Sandy- hope he is a blessing & works great in your program! Keep up the excellent work with the kids!

-Cindy & Anne-Marie


We love Oreo. He is so much fun to ride and perfect size for us. Thank you Mrs. Lugo for finding him for us. Oreo is super.

Wynn and Lydia Sciba

Continuing Success

Princess Rosebud

Cindy sold us a great little pony, Princess Rosebud. We are shaping her up for Santa. My boys have already fallen in love with her. I hope they won't give the surprise away before Christmas Day.

Jodi, Chase, Chance, Shelbie, and for sure Shyan

Streakin Charley P

Congratulations! to Rafael Espinoza & sons of Midland, TX on the purchase of Streakin Charley P! This young colt will be a WINNER! He is by STREAKIN OLENE & out of IMPRESS ME CHARLIZE! We are all looking forward to seeing him run on the track!

Anne-Marie & Lady’s Omega

Ladys Omega

I purchased "Lady" from Cindy in the Spring of 2009. Upon talking to Cindy for several hours on the phone, I knew Cindy's family was as special as the horse she was considering selling me. My best friend Shanna and I grew up hauling together since we were children and have been best friend for over three decades. We knew immediately Lady was a once-in-a-lifetime horse. (This says a lot since I once owned an AQHA World Champion Pole Bending Horse and Shanna went was a NHSRA Champion in barrels and poles) This fantastic mare was exactly what Cindy described to me to be. She is solid, sound, sweet, gentle, level-headed and conscientious of her rider and their abilities at ALL times! There were NO SURPISES! The only thing I was shocked about was this horse EXCEEDED our expectations!!! Lady stands out because she is so GORGEOUS, a real looker. Usually in situations like these you have to 'give up something to get something' -- not the case with Lady. She is quiet all the time, never "heady", Lady has a superior handle, in fact Lady handles better than my Jaguar sedan - smoother too!!! Lady loves to trail ride with Zoey, easy load in the trailer, has legendary patience, loves to be petted, and soaks in all the TLC she can get! Did I mention she is such a stunning mare she could probably be shown in a halter class! Outstanding confirmation!


We had an unique special situation. My Goddaughter, Zoey was 7 when I purchased Lady. Zoey had lost her horse the season before after being on quite a winning streak. Zoey was extremely particular when trying out new rides....we went through almost a dozen "try outs" and had essentially given up that the ideal horse was out there for us. Low and behold, I refused to give up and I am convinced God led me to the path of Cindy and Anne-Marie Lugo. Cindy is nothing short of an AMAZING woman with a heart bigger than Texas and her movie star gorgeous angel, Anne-Marie, has the most beautiful manners of any child I have ever seen. I knew immediately after watching Cindy as a devoted Mother that her horsemanship skills were not far behind. Her confidence and patience put her in a category that raises the bar for the rest of us as parents and riders.

Initially, just after 10 minutes of talking to Cindy on the phone, I knew even if this was not the horse for us - we would all remain great friends. Cindy KNOWS HER BUSINESS!!! The great thing about Cindy is she is NOT about the "hard sell" -- she is about nurturing relationships and making you feel comfortable. I felt like I could be openly honest with her at all times - it was refreshing dealing with someone who was so heartfelt and yet was full of insight.

I immediately tried to purchase this mare sight unseen over the phone. Cindy would not hear of it and delivered her to my ranch (12 hours away) with a BIG BOW and personal demonstrations from Anne-Marie! Its official the Lugo's and the Schiller's have adopted one another!

What excited us most about Lady's potential is the fact that when Zoey outgrows her in a few years that my daughter Sinclair (almost 3) is waiting in the wings for Lady. Just ONE MORE little rider in a string that Lady will show the ropes to. We have an affectionate name for Lady at the Schiller Ranch - we call her the "Nanny" because her disposition never changes, she is very aware of what level gets on her almost from the time their foot hits the stirrup.

We will be purchasing our next horse from Cindy and I can not recommend her enough when finding just the right horse for someone that is serious about finding your ideal mount. I explicably trust my new friend Cindy and will gladly go to whatever path she guides us. We cannot be happier!!! Gov. Rick Perry stopped by our ranch and even commented what a beautiful mare we acquired - I assured him he had NO IDEA how very special she truly was! Keep a lookout for Super Z to be cleaning the clock on the barrels/poles this fall. The only thing that excites me more is looking forward to Sinclair taking over the reins after Zoey moves up. "The Nanny" has lots of "gun in her run" left. Lady's Omega is now firmly planted in Aggieland at the Schiller Ranch, where she is the official mascot! We would not trade this mare for all the money in the world!

Cindy, I cannot tell you what a pleasure you are and a welcome new friend. I look forward to inheriting many more from you in the future!

God Bless

Kristi Schiller

And so on and so forth...



Cindy is awesome to work with! She recommended "Mouse" as the perfect horse for our family. She was so right! He is a dream come true. A total gift from God! He is a picture perfect bomb-proof kid horse! I can't express enough how much of a blessing Cindy and "Mouse" have already been to our family! Cindy has such great integrity and goes out of her way to be helpful! She made our experience of buying our children their first horse a beautiful happy memory!

Thank you Cindy!

We are so thankful to the Lord that he brought you, your girls, and "Mouse" into our lives.

God bless,

Lee, Wendy, Korina, Megan, Travis, Jason, and Josh Christian.

(Jeremiah 29:11 NIV "For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." )

Princess Sofia

Eileen Sanchez writes: "Cindy, Thank you so much for the time you spent with Sofia Saturday evening. We cant wait to spend more time. She is excited to head your way."


I appreciate everything that you are doing to help us get the horse all set up and ready to go. Now that we have gone through buying a horse for the first time, I could not imagine if we would not have found out about you and Rebel, what I would of had to go through to get the horse here, but then also figuring everything else out that is familiar to me but unique and personal things about rebel. I really appreciate doing business with you, and look forward to business with you in the future...I will DEFINITELY tell anyone and everyone I know how great doing business with you is! Thank You SOOOOO much..........

Terena Rustman


I needed to write to let you know that everything is going great here with Moose. Alex is working her everyday in the round pen, she is a good girl and learning so much. I am getting involved with the daily care and having fun, I never thought that would happen, but my daughter and I are enjoying this horse together. Alex has an amazing bond with this animal, that horse is her best friend. It has been the best thing for my teenage daughter to learn to care for and be responsible for this animal.  I want to thank you for your help along this journey of faith that our family has been on. You have blessed my life! Thanks for all your help! Here are a few pictures of Alexandra, she has her smile back now! 

Christine Cordova Burdick: "Alex and Moose are doing great they love each other so much! She tore her ACL in basketball so she will have things on hold until she recovers, but you should see then together... Thanks for helping then become a pair!"


Congratulations to David & Heather Wilhelm, Red Rock, TX & the girls on their purchase of Streakolicious (AQHA reg. pending) a.k.a. "Cricket". In these photos she is only 14 months old & just the love of their lives. I've heard she gives "good sugar" too! Heather says, "We have a pasture full and she is by far our favorite. Such a smart girl. (I don't think she knows that she is a horse). We absolutely love her and can't wait to get another of Streakin Olene's babies."


My experience of purchasing KOKO from the Lugo Ranch was awesome. As a novice horsewoman KOKO is perfect for me. She is quiet, gentle and allows for my inexperiece. If you are looking for a new friend it is very important to be honest about your needs and level of riding ability. That will allow Cindy to find you the perfect match to a wonderful relationship and new best friend.

Sweet Success


Well first of all I want to thank my G.G and Cindy. G.G for letting me carry on with riding horses and supporting me, and for Cindy for training me and now for helping me train my horse (and also for supporting me). Cindy has also helped me get through the toughest times when I could've given up. My new horse is a 3 year old paint mare named Catori meaning Spirit. My G.G got her for me on June 6th of 2007. When she first arrived at the stable, I didnt even know she was mine. And one day Cindy called and said to go to the stable and get the Paint mare ready. Later, they were filming me and my G.G said that I was holding my new horse. Now I've had her for about 3 months now and she is doing great. I'm training her to do barrels, poles and hopefully goat-tying. I honestly think that next June we will be doing rodeo. Catori and I are going to be the kind of pair that won't be able to separate. I found out that if I walk off, she will follow me. Not all horses do that. This is probably going to be the best horse that I've EVER had, and ever WILL have.


Congratulations to Emily & Christa Schoener, Victoria, TX

I have been lucky to work with Cindy and Anne Marie on both ends...buying and selling a horse....Cindy was great to me and Chopo(the horse)...I stated what i expected and we talked and discussed and talked some more, and not more than a few days later he was sold...I have had the opportunity to spend some time with Cindy and her family and have to honestly say, i have enjoyed every minute of it...Thank you Cindy and Anne Marie, for finding Chopo a wonderful home and giving him the opportunity that he deserved!!! i am very greatful for yall!!! I would definately recommend Cindy and Anne Marie to either end, the buying or the selling a horse...i feel that they are honest, and if you are honest about what you have or what you are looking for it seems to get done pretty darn quick! Thank you again girls!

A. Galvan

Mr Wilson

Hey Cindy

Thank you so much for helping us sell Mr. Wilson. You took the time to place him with the perfect family. It was nice to not worry about anything other than meeting the Emmons' at the right time and place. It's nice that you know your customers so well, and that you take the time to find the right horse for each one. Mr. Wilson was a part of our family, but he will have a wonderful, happy home with Karson. We will definitely be back when we buy my daughter another barrel horse. Thanks so much for all your hard work, even with a brand new baby at home.

Thanks again,

The Deerman Family

I really enjoyed helping the Deermans with placing Mr Wilson with the right family. Look how precious these photos are! Please keep me updated - Carson, I've heard you already make a smokin' run on Mr Wilson! Yay! Good job! -Cindy

Cindy, It is difficult to find the right horse for a 6 year old rider. You made this much easier than I ever expected. It was nice to deal with someone that actually understood what we were looking for. Carson and Mr. Wilson will do great things together. Thanks for everything! 

Sincerely, Cliff Emmons


Cindy you are the absolute best. You found our snickers a good home. I hope this little girl will have as much enjoyment from her as Samantha had. You truly go above and beyond. This was horse #3 for us to sell thru you. hopefully her new family can send you pictures now and then. love ya!

R. Geers, Odessa TX


It's not often that I get to sell a horse 3 or 4 times to different families, but that's what has happened with Cheyenne. This little mare is so special & it has been wonderful to be able to place her with each special family. Good Luck Gooby! I hope you find that Cheyenne will be your best friend!


Cheyenne came to us at perfect timing...Right before the start up of the other half of the rodeo season we found out Estevans barrel horse had a bone spur...We went ahead and got her injected not able to do the surgery because of the recovery rate...i started looking for something else, because this mare has been super good to our boy, so why didnt she deserve the best....Cindy and i talked about Cheyenne, and i felt like she was up front and honest about everything i asked, and everything i didnt...We met Cindy and Anne Marie in Andrews and tried the mare, and she was everything we were looking for. Estevans mare is huge, so he hasnt really been able to push her, and Cheyenne is the perfect in between to help him learn how to stay with the horse, without the horse being too will have our first rodeo on Cheyenne the first weekend of April and will update on how they do!!! Thank you Cindy and Anne Marie for everything!!!-

A. Galvan, TX


When I called Cindy I had been looking for my daughter, Kelsie, a step-up horse for almost 8-9 months. I was about to give up, I seen a horse she had for sale on BHW and went to her website I was amazed at all the success stories! And 99% of them were kids which made me feel like maybe I had come across someone that would be able to find what I needed..... I did not expect to get a lifelong friend but from the very first phone call I knew I had one. She understood where I was coming from when I was telling her why I was looking for a particular kind of horse. Kelsie is small for her age so it has made my horse looking difficult, Cindy had no worries she was very confident that she could find one. I had a list of requirements that I needed from this horse, I had what size I wanted, what speed, you name it I had a requirement for it (and some were unreasonable). Cindy didn't make me think I was crazy or that it was impossible. She treated this as if she was finding a horse for her own daughter, and she did have her daughter ride Susie before we ever set a time or place to try her. She put her through every test to be 100% sure Susie would be perfect! And she was..... Kelsie is 7 years old and shy but she loves Ms. Cindy. Kelsie tried Susie exhibitioned her 3 times and put her up then a couple hours later pulled her out and ran in the jackpot, she ran a 18.7 the very first time. They are perfect for each other. Cindy is AMAZING!!!!! I have already made plans to go to Texas for Kelsies next horse!!!!! We will be calling Ms. Cindy once again, if anyone is looking for a horse I highly recommend they call Cindy. She goes above and beyond to make sure the rider fits the horse and the horse fits the rider.

We love you Ms. Cindy!!!!! We can't wait to come back to Texas!

Kelsie, Susie, Eric, Lesa, and Korie Lynn Williams

Rose Bud, AR

Sweet Success

Spurs Alpha Omega

My experience when working with the Lugo family is one I will never forget. I live in Oregon and Cindy and her family live all the way out in Texas. After talking for many hours on the phone, I finally flew down to their home to check 'Spurs Alpha Omega' (aka Tex) out. Cindy was 100% honest about Tex & his abilities, my abilities as a rider, and her thoughts on us working as a team. I never felt any pressure and I learned a LOT! I was even able to enter him in a rodeo to see how we did. I felt confident that he and I would do well together and she agreed wholeheartedly - she wanted what was best for the horse. Almost a year later, Cindy and I have kept in touch and update each other on our winnings.

Everyone says it takes a year to get with a horse... .well I'm proud to say that just a few weeks ago we hit that mark and are really starting to WIN! I wouldn't hesitate to go back and do this process again and I would be lucky to own another one of their horses.

Lyndsey Cotton - Bend, Oregon


Several years ago I placed an ad to sell a kid horse, within 3 hours of placing that ad Cindy was picking up my horse because she had home for her to go to. About 2 weeks ago I had mentioned that I may be interested in selling my daughters roping horse. Within a day or so Cindy was calling me and asking me information about the horse and asking for videos and Pictures. She was On top of the situation. Cindy has been a great pleasure to work with and is worth every penny of the commission she earns. Anytime that I need to sell a horse she will be the absolute 1st person that I will call. Thank you Cindy for taking so much time to make sure that you found the perfect home for our “Mater” to go to. He was a good ole boy for my daughter and she loved him very very much, and you made her feel comfortable with this very hard decision. Thank you so much!

R. Geers, Odessa, TX


Thank you so much for taking the time to find the right home for Zip. He was a great horse for our family and needed another family who would give him lots of love, attention and many hours of enjoyment. Thank you for sending the picture the little girl drew of Zip, that helped my boys see that he was already special to someone else! You really go out of your way to make the arrangements convenient for everyone involved. Thanks for all of your help! I also want to thank you for helping us sell Josie. You were very quick to get the word out to potential buyers and fit the horse to the rider. You do an awesome job with horses and riders!

Nikki Handley

Le Blanc

Cindy, I just wanted to thank you for helping make Makinlee the happiest little girl ever! We have searched hi and low for a horse to fit her and had just about given up! You were so sweet to help us on a Sunday! We were just on our way home from a rodeo and had no idea we could find the right horse along the way! She is super excited, not scared at all which is HUGE for her. He is every thing you said he was and then some. But mostly thank you for helping her confidence. She has a new outlook on horses and we are very excited to watch her progress! We will definetly be back for her next horse, I feel better knowing I've found someone I can TRUST with my childs safety! Thanks a million I think you made the perfect match!

The LeBlanc Family


Hi Cindy, Garrett met Vegas this afternoon and he thinks Vegas is going to be a really cool horse. Vegas was so receptive to Garrett even with Garrett sitting in his wheelchair. Garrett can't wait to get to ride Vegas for the first time. Vegas stood there wanting Garrett to pet him. We think he is going to make an excellent horse for Garrett to get the much needed hippotherapy and also for Garrett to compete in Special Olympics. We will post more feedback and pictures when Garrett gets to ride Vegas. Thank you for helping us make this happen! Dave, Pat, & Garrett Dodson, New Mexico


just wanted to say think you agin for helping me find Vegas for Garrett. I really think the 2 of them will make a great team. When Garrett got to come met Vegas at the house the other night it was great I could not have asked for a better sweeter horse he went right to Garrett and put his face down to were Garrett could reach. So thank you agin for actual lisening to what I asked for out of a horse.


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